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Fire UP!! [21 Jun 2015|03:48am]

[ mood | Ok ]

Maybe not.

This is like an abandoned building, but on the internet. Since the last post, we all ran screaming to facebook (which is awful).

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Lip Service, Cyber Goth, Goth, FOR SALE! [26 Aug 2011|07:45pm]

Hi all, there's less than 24 hours left on these boots on eBay.
Still going cheap!

Click here to view the auction and others.
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Hair Surgeon Dreads for sale [28 Jun 2011|10:35am]

Hey all
I have about $400 worth of Hair Surgeon/Destroyx long double ended dreadlocks to get rid of. They are a mix of black, purple, and pink (including candy cane swirls). They are probably 50% black, 25% each of the pink and purple. They've been sitting in storage for a few good years and I need to get rid of them. They probably need a clean before they are worn again. I can give them to one of you guys for $50, I just want to get rid of them this week
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"Source Code" movie review [13 Jun 2011|04:16pm]


An interesting premise for the setup on this movie: a soldier reliving the last 8 minutes before an attack and attempting to find the perpetrator.
There has been at least one TV series that explores a similar idea (7 Days) and at least one other movie which play around with the flow of time in a similar way (Groundhog Day) but none executed in quite the same way.
Is what the soldier experiences real, or just a computer simulation?
This would seem be the central question around which the whole film seems to revolve.
(more to be added later)

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Лесная Ведьма / Forest Witch by Frida Freak [03 Jun 2011|09:31pm]

Лесная Ведьма

 Люди смеются в глаза лесной ведьме. Безобразное лицо. Корявые пальцы. Призрак, вселяющий ужас. Внешность обманчива... Легко ли разглядеть красоту в чудовище? Люди скажут, что это невозможно, а ты стань человеком и попробуй... Хрупкая душа под личиной урода. Она плачет, скрывая глаза от солнца. Пытаясь подарить свою любовь, которая никому не нужна. Потому что её блеска не видно глазами. Узнаёшь ли себя в зеркале глаз лесной ведьмы?

 People are laughing calling her a forest witch. Ugly face. Crooked hands. She is haunting people like a scary ghost. Appearances are deceptive... Can you see the beauty in the beast? People say it`s impossible. Become a real human and try to do it... Fragile soul. Monster in disguise. She cries and hides her eyes from the sun. Trying to give her love. Useless love... Because it`s shine it is not visible. Do you recognize yourself in a mirror of eyes of a wood witch?

photo by - Coma Blair
model - Frida frida_bergstrem 
MUA by - Coma Blair
costume & outfit by - Frida
video by - Sergey (C_File) crackedfile
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[02 Apr 2011|09:59am]


Sunday Mystery Theatre 2011
WE are ready and racing for 2011... we now run on the *first sunday* of the month, except for special occasions

Forest Lodge Hotel Arundel St Glebe

April 10: 13th GUEST (1932)
(One week later so not to clash with Sydney's NIGHT OF HORROR Fest)

May 1: THE GHOST TRAIN (1941)


July 3: THE VAMPIRE BAT (1933)

August 7: Silent Classics mini-fest (Chaplin/Lloyd/Keaton)

have a good week in the celluoid Crypt...!
The DarkElvis

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Lip Service, Cyber Goth, Goth, Grunge and More for Sale. [26 Mar 2011|09:02pm]

I'm selling my Lip Serivce gear and other Alt. and Gothic bits and pieces
on eBay at rock bottom prices.

Please Click Here To See Auctions
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Newsletter for March 2011 + Massive March Markdown Summer Stock Sellout! [07 Mar 2011|07:20pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey folks, Wildilocks has a bunch of news for you this month.

Firstly, we're announcing a sale to end all sales - for the first time at ALL stores: starting TOMORROW and going for three whole weeks!

MASSIVE March Markdown Summer Stock SELLOUT!


Read more below the cut...Collapse )

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Last Hours For This Bondage Skirt. [20 Feb 2011|05:07pm]

Hey all,

The Auction for this skirt is on it's last hours with no bids at the time of this post.

It's Brand New Without Tags, selling because it's too big. Will suit a size 14 - 16.

Made by Mercy from the UK.

Click the image to go to the eBay Auction.

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Cyber Goth, Goth, Grunge and More for Sale. [16 Feb 2011|08:30pm]

Hey all,

I have a few items that I'm selling that are Goth, Grunge and Cyber... plus a few other things.

Including these:
Transmuter Boots Size UK4

This will be x-posted so sorry about being  a pest.

A few items are listed on eBay so please read the description carefully. However most are for direct sale on my facebook page.
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Shallow Nation returns for 2011 [24 Jan 2011|05:50pm]


Well it is on again, with the usual suspects behind the decks, playing the best electro, industrial, TBM and aggro-tech. your money can buy.

DJs: Pauly7, Requ13m, Opiate

The Venue: The Underground, downstairs at the Oxford Hotel, 134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst.
Check out the venue at: http://www.theoxfordhotel.com.au/

$10 entry
Cloak Room Available: $2 per item.

10pm - 4am

- Amazing lighting and venue
- Sound system to knock your socks off
- Photo ID essential.

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EUCHRONIA final lineup, artists & DJs announced, + XMAS SPECIAL! [22 Dec 2010|04:29pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Are you still ummming and ahhing about NYE? Need a few more reasons to be convinced that Euchronia this year will utterly eclipse 2008's hugely successful event, and you'd be completely mad to miss it? Did you know you can STILL get flights down to Melbourne on NYE for $38???

Read on, for there is much to tempt. (If you're already convinced but still ticketless, feel free to skip to the end for details of TICKET DISCOUNTS.)


Many, many of you have already purchased your tickets (and we're particularly overwhelmed by number of interstate visitors this year!), but if you still haven't gotten around to it, or if you're looking for a perfect last-minute gift idea, we're offering a little incentive to buy earlier rather than later.

Euchronia's XMAS SPECIAL: if you buy before 25 December you can receive 2 tickets for only $125, a discount of $15 off current prices (and $45 less than you'll be charged on the door)!

Euchronia Ticket - Standard Release x 2 +postage options

In addition, ALTV memberships are still available ALL the way up to NYE, providing tickets at the presale price PLUS 4 free standard drinks, entry to the member's lounge (now with FREE TEA and COFFEE ALL NIGHT LONG!) and membership package, all for the modest sum of $85 per combined ticket. Bargain!

Euchronia Ticket w/ALTV membership + postage options
Please add League Name(s):

Please note that we are expecting the event to reach capacity, so don't leave your decision too late. Remember, any tickets remaining for sale on the door will be $85 each, and ALTV members will be given preference.
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Kitten needs a home! [29 Nov 2010|10:34pm]

Hi everyone

My friend can no longer take care of her cute 4yo girl kitty and now she needs a new home.
Do you want a cute black and white cat?

I would give her a home but I already have 2 snakes 2 lizards 2 cats and 3 rats in a two bedroom apartment.

I desperately do not want her to have to be taken to the Cat Protection Society unless all other options are used up

If you want to give a home to a lovely cat then email me lycanthropica at gmail dot com

PLEASE SOMEONE kitty needs a home
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Stunning new Tesla Coil poster and swathe of new Local & International Acts announced! [25 Nov 2010|06:33pm]

[ mood | excited ]

It is with very great pleasure that we can finally announce a major update to the Euchronia bill, and reveal our new poster (click for large version) - which has a fantastic story of its own involving death-defying feats with Tesla Coils c/o the very talented Peter Terren of Tesla Down Under! But that's a longer story, and deserves an entire post of its own — which we shall bring you very soon, but not today. Today is dedicated to our exciting new international and interstate attractions!

Clicky for all the new shiny!Collapse )

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This weekend. [24 Nov 2010|08:31pm]


Get ready for a big weekend of das stomp!

Friday night Shallow Nation presents the official Combichrist MONSTERS ON TOUR Pre-Tour Party at Club 77.

8 DJs over 6-hours, playing the latest and greatest Industrial, Harsh-Electro and Aggro-Tech. There will also be prizes, give-aways and more.

$5 entry, doors open 10pm.
Club 77 - 77 William St, Darlinghurst.

This shit will fuck you up!

On Saturday is the last SHALLOW NATION of the year, and to make it special we have Two tickets to the COMBICHRIST MONSTERS ON TOUR gig at the Lair (Metro Theatre) to giveaway. Get dressed up and you could be going to see COMBICHRIST and SHIV-R rip up the stage at the Lair on us!

Resident DJs: Requ13m, Pauly7, Virul3nt, Opiate, Defiled

$10 entry, doors open 10pm The Underground, downstairs at the Oxford Hotel, 134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst.

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Direct Sale - Lip Service Skirt [08 Nov 2010|04:48pm]

I really need to get rid of a load of clothes! To start with, would like to offload my Lip Service Corporate Vampire pencil skirt.

It's brand new - I bought it online, and found that it does not fit me.

Details below the cut

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OMFG [27 Oct 2010|02:07pm]


Swans - yes, I said Swans

Saturday 12 March 2011

*promptly collapses*
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Shallow Nation this Saturday! [19 Oct 2010|10:39pm]

Don't miss Shallow Nation this Saturday for your monthly fix of stompy industrial, hardstyle and electro!

Featuring the guest return of DJ MetaVirus, the killer duo Defiled DJs and regulars Requ13m, Pauly7, Virul3nt and Opiate.

Doors open @ 10pm.

At The Underground Bar (formerly Gilligans) @ The Oxford Hotel, Darlinghurst.
$10 entry.

More info at the Facebook event:

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Lip service, cyberdog and gallery serpentine on ebay [19 Oct 2010|02:17pm]

Hey guys,

I'm heading back to the UK shortly and in a desperate bid to lighten the amount of stuff I'll be hauling with me, I'm going to be listing vast quantities on ebay over the next couple of weeks. There will be corsetry, bustle skirts, boots, and various other things I don't really get to wear this days.

Check it out here:


Thanks very much :)
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Under the Blue Moon! [11 Oct 2010|07:01pm]


This year's Under the Blue Moon will be awesome! Check out the event on Facebook

An act that I don't think people have talked enough about is DJ [VLRK] - aka the mastermind behind EBM superstars GRENDEL, who is coming direct from The Netherlands for a DJ tour.

Check him in action here:

Just thought that deserved a bit more attention! Thanks for your time.

Oh, and if you're after discounted tickets, leave a message and I'll send you a codeword for $20 presale.
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